IAH Airport Travel Terminals

Bush Intercontinental Airport consists of five passenger terminals including Terminals A, B, C, D, and E. Terminal E also includes the Federal Inspection Services (FIS) offices and primarily serves the arriving international passengers at IAH.

Terminal Desciption

Visitors entering the passenger terminals from the street level are clearly guided toward the moving baggage claim areas, consolidated rental car center and other terminal amenities which are next to auto-passenger pickup exits.

Limousine, taxi and public ground transportation services are available through one doorway and private vehicle pickup services through another.

Visitor/airport information is provided at the staffed Visitor Information Centers. The center can be found on the baggage claim level of Terminals A, B, C and E (in the International Arrivals).

Upon reaching the second level, travelers are in the center of the terminal facility. Airline ticket counters, gift shops, food courts and lounge facilities complement the remaining areas of the departure level of the terminals. The first and last view the traveler has is of the functional airline gate lounges. These lounges are designed to extend an atmosphere of comfort and convenience just a few steps away of the airplane itself.

The white airport telephones found throughout each terminal are for paging assistance. Visually or hearing impaired individuals may ask for additional details by calling 281-230-3000 or our TDD number, 281-230-3089.

Baggage Carts

High quality carts can be found at various locations throughout the airport to help you easily carry your carry-ons, shopping items, or check-in/claimed baggage and other personal articles.

Rate: $4

Note: Please be aware that baggage Carts are not permitted on the TerminaLink automated people mover or the underground Inter-Terminal Train
International Travelers: Baggage Carts are available in the customs area free of charge for arriving international passengers.